What is Stockvisor?

Stockvisor is free software, specially developed to perform technical analysis on stocks. Stock quotes can be imported on a daily basis, after which a graph per stock can be selected. Different technical analysis are available to execute on the stocks. Besides the standard graph of the quotes over time, in which you can draw your own lines, the moving average is shown. Two types of moving average are shown in the graph, long and short term.

Stockviser screen

At the lower part of the screen, the different technical analysis can be chosen. These indicators come with a short description which can be viewed by clicking on the question mark. These discription contain, among others, what a certain trend is probably going to mean for the price of the stock.

The application can be configured by clicking in the menu on Edit > Settings > Indicators.

Stockvisor indicator

The links where the program can be downloaded is in the link section on this website.

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