Investment strategy

In the investment strategy section, we present articles that will help you become a better investor. Tips are given as well as the do's and dont's on investment. Most of the investment strategies focus on buying stocks, however, we cover the hold and sell strategies.

In the subseries on successful investors the investment strategies of famous investors are reviewed. Learn from them!

Successful investors: Sir John Maynard Keynes

In this new series of articles, successful investors are honored. The life of these successful investors will be described briefly. And naturally the investment methods of these successful investors will be explained. This way, you can get an insight in how these investors became successful and what you can learn from these successful investors. The first article in this new series: Sir John Maynard Keynes.

Why nature and the economy are similar

The economy and biology are strangely connected. In both the economy and biology similar events occur that have similar causes. In this article, I will name some causes and effects. Within the plant- and animal life, there are periods of growth and decline, just as in the economy. But that is just a comparison on a very high level. What can we learn from the science of biology?

Buy, sell or hold

Investment analysts always love to give an advice about shares. Most of the time they use the words buy, sell or hold to give a short statement about their advice. These opinions are easy to understand and can be counted to get an overall advice (and to determine the buy-to-sell advice ratio).

Five investment tips

Everyone knows some investment tips or stock market wisdoms. Many of these stock market wisdoms exist because a certain event has happened in more than 50% of the occasions in the past. An example of such a wisdom is the expression ‘Sell in May, and go away, but remember to be back in September’. Of course, this saying does not apply for all years, just think of the year 1997, when the shares did rise during the summer.

Investment questions - part 1

Like mentioned in earlier articles, investing is not just buying and selling of shares, but buying or selling of (a part of) a company. This means that you need to have a clear picture about the company. It is essential to know what the company does, with what activities it earns money and who decides about the direction of the company. This article hands questions that can be asked to gather information about a company and to draw a picture of the company. To keep track of the short-term performance of shares, a question about the current sentiment is discussed.

Investment questions - part 2

Questions about the operations of a company have been discussed in an article which was published earlier. With the answers on the questions mentioned in that article, you can make a general overview of the company. Besides the general information, it is important for investors to know the financial situation of a company, especially the profit and cash flow. In this article, profit and cash flow questions are discussed.

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