Become a better investor

We offer investors in depth articles on different investment topics. Topics like investment strategy and investment risk are discussed in detail. Besides that, we offer an investment checklist for you.

Deepen your analytical knowledge

You can find more information on different analysis methods that supports you in your investment decisions. Analytical methods like technical and fundamental analysis are explained. We also publish the results of our event based analysis. Make sure you use our share information.

Share information

Information on Dutch shares

Information about shares that are listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange. Details, key figures and KPIs.

Use our investment tools...

Different tools offered for free on this website help you to make better investment decisions.

Investment risk

Altman Z-score

Calculate the investment risk with the use of our Altman Z-score calculation tool.

Discount calculation

Discount model

Determine the discount on Dutch shares. Famous and successful investors base their investment decisions on the discount calculation.

... and compare shares

Besides the beforementioned calculation tools, we also offer free tools to compare shares.

Compare shares

Compare shares

Compare shares that are listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange. Compare details, results and ratios

Compare dividend

Compare dividend

Compare the dividend yield of Dutch shares.

Compare book value

Compare book value

Compare the actual book values

of shares with the market value of these shares.

Compare price/earnings

Compare price/earnings

Compare the price/earnings ration and the price/earnings growth of different shares.

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