Event analysis

Event based analysis is a method to predict responses of the shareprice on company related events. Such an event is an event triggered by the company itself, such as dividendpayments. However, these events can also be external events. Event based analysis predicts short term share price responses or share price over a predifined period.

Besides event based analyses, we have articles on technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

With technical analysis, the short term trend of the share price is determined. It is important for a share price trend to know the direction and the tipping points. Technical analysis will help you with that.

Besides the short term trends, it is important to look at the longer term horizon. With fundamental analysis, the companyrelated indicators are used to determine the value of a share. These indicators are for example profit or cash flow.

Sell in May...No way

One of the most famous phrases of investors says that you should sell your shares in May. It also says that you should make sure to own them again in September. We were curious whether this saying is actually correct. Should you go on holiday after May and make sure to be back in September?

We set up an analysis to test the famous saying. As an investor, you should really reconsider this investors'knowledge', since it does not matches the results.