Import historical quotes

For making sound technical analysis, historical price data is essential. Therefore, Stockvisor has the possibility to load historical quotes.

Historical quotes can be obtained in different ways: there are many providers where historical quotes can be bought and you can yourself build a track record of historical quotes. On this website you can download historical quotes for free, companies in the Amsterdam AEX and AMX indices are available, among others. The quotes that can be downloaded on this website, do go back to the nineties of the last century.

In this article, it is described how these historical quotes can be imported into Stockvisor.

First, make sure all the companies of which you want to import the historical quotes, are available in Stockvisor. When this is the case, the historical quotes can be imported. If not, take a look at the article which descibes how to do this.

Open Stockvisor and click in the menu on File > Import historical quotes... The following screen will pop up.

Importeer historische koersen

First of all, the settings right below the header 'Settings' must be right. Make sure that these settings are matching the screen above. The columns must be ordered as follows:

  • Name: name of the company
  • Code: code/symbol of the company
  • Date: date of the quote
  • Open: date price open
  • High: date price high
  • Low: date price low
  • Close: date end price
  • Volume: volume
  • O.I.: open interest

The other settings must be like this:

  • Date format: dd/mm/yy
  • Column delimiter: , (comma)
  • Append or replace: Replace
  • Skip first line: Yes
  • Skip last line: No

When the settings are different as stated above, these must be changed. Click on the button 'Change settings...'. The following screen will be shown.

Wijzig instellingen

Configure everything like stated above (or like the screen above) and click on 'OK'. When all the settings are right, the historical quotes can be imported from the file which is downloaded from this page. First find the location in the window which is called 'Folders' and also select in the window called 'Filenames' the files of the historical quotes (click on the button '>>'). Multiple files can be selected and imported.

When one or more files are available in the window 'Selected files', the data of the first file will be showed below the text 'Content 1st selected file'. This way, you can check whether the data in the file and the settings you entered are matching. When this is the case, the import can start by clicking on the 'Import' button.

The files are now imported and the desired technical analysis can be executed.

The historical quote files can be downloaded in the download section of this site. Only registered users can access this section. Registration is free.

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