Import daily quotes

There are several ways to import quotes in Stockvisor. The subject of this article is how to transfer the stock quotes from Stockbrowser to Stockvisor.


Daily quotes can be downloaded with Stockbrowser. These quotes can be exported in a chosen format. The next step is importing these files into Stockvisor.

To run the export as smooth as possible, a few settings and tricks are discussed here. You can ignore the discussed settings, but my advice is to use these settings.

Open Stockbrowser en click on the menu Edit > Preferences... Click on the tab "Export Format". Change the settings according to the screen below.

Export instellingen

The settings:

  • File extension: .csv
  • Header line: empty
  • Decimal separator: . (dot)
  • Date format: MM/DD/YY
  • Date separator: / (slash)
  • Field separator: , (comma)
  • Max. symb. length: 20 (usually the symbol does not exceed 20 positions).

Next the settings per line can be cofigured:

  • Symbol: 2rd position
  • Synonym: 1rd position
  • Data: 3rd position
  • Open: 4rd position
  • High: 5rd position
  • Low: 6rd position
  • Close: 7 rd position
  • Volume: 8rd position
  • OI: 9 rd position

Click on ‘Apply’.

Go to the tab 'Daily Export' and make sure the settings are like shown below.

Dagelijkse export Stockbrowser

The file which must be exported daily must have the format of the file you just configured, so check 'user defined format'.

Now the categories which must be downloaded daily, must be filled in. First fill in the category and then the subcategory, with a dot between the two. Also see the article Configure Stockbrowser - part 1. A file is created per day per category and subcategory.

All the other settings on this tab can be switched of. Next click on 'OK'.

Stockbowser is now configured for the daily export. Every time the stock quotes are downloaded, new files are exported to the exportdirectory of Stockbrowser (usually C:\Program Files\StockBrowser\Export).


The exported files must be imported into Stockvisor. First, all the settings for this program must match the exported files of Stockbrowser. Open Stockvisor, and click on 'Stock > New Daily Quotes'. Find the exportdirectory of Stockbrowser and select all files.

Import Stockvisor

You can also directly put the files in the Stockvisor directory. Create a (batch) file in which the following lines are added (when the programs are not installed in the standard directories, the locations will differ):

echo J | del c:\PROGRA~1\StockVisor\Data\BackUp\.
move c:\PROGRA~1\StockBrowser\Export\*.* c:\PROGRA~1\StockVisor\Data\Temp\

In the first line, old importfiles are deleted from the directore. Therefore, all files in the directory are new. The second line transfers all files from the export directory of Stockbrowser to the importdirectory of Stockvisor.

The following file, discussed in this article, can be downloaded from the downloadsection:

  • verplaats.bat
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