Configure Stockvisor

Stockvisor is a program with which technical analysis on stocks can be executed. Before these analysis can be executed, the stocks must be added to the program. When you use Stockvisor in combination with Stockbrowser, this should be a point of concern when creating the stocks in Stockvisor. This article is about Stockvisor, but the combination with Stockbrowser is taken into account.

Open Stockvisor and click in the menu on 'Stock' > 'Add Stock to Stock list...'. The following screen will pop up.

Add stock

The following fields must be filled in on this screen:

  • Stock: the name of the stock/company.
  • Code: the code with which the stock will be identified. This code matches the symbol in Stockbrowser.
  • Index type: the index to which this stock belongs.
  • Filename: the name of the file in which all data is saved. This name is the same as the code of the stock.

When all fields are filled in, you can click on 'Add'. The stock is now available in Stockvisor. When Stockvisor is used in combination with Stockbrowser, the daily export from Stockbrowser can be imported into Stockvisor.

It is easy to change or remove a stock from Stockvisor. Go to the menu Edit and click on 'Edit Stock List'. The following window will open.

Change share

Within this screen, a stock can be searched. Fill in the name of the searched stock and click on 'Search'.

To change a stock, change the fields in this screen. The fields match the fields which are filled in by adding a new stock. When all fields are completed, you can click on 'Change'.

A stock can be deleted by searching the stock and click on 'Delete'.

To create an easy start for you, the download section contains the file StockList.svn. This is a completed stocklist of most of the stocks from the Netherlands, sorted on index. This file can be used in combination with Stockbrowser, which means the stock code in Stockvisor matches the symbol in Stockbrowser.The file StockList.svn is in the data folder of the Stockvisor install directory (usually C:\Program Files\StockVisor\Data). The file that can be downloaded from the download section can replace the file which stands in the data folder.

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