What is Stockbrowser?

Stockbrowser is a free program which is useful for a private investor. The program is a few years old, but still does what it is made for, which is the tracking of stock quotes and creating overviews of different portfolios.

startscreen Stockbrowser

Quotes can be fetched with fixed intervals and you can decide when the quotes have to be fetched. The quotes are saved once a day, the last time the quotes are collected. With these daily quotes, a graph is created over time, with which you can perform some technical analysis.

Stockbrowser graph

In Stockbrowser, you can also create different portfolios. With the daily quotes, you can track the development of these different portfolios over time. You can view one single portfolio, but you can also create views in which all portfolios are taken together.

You can download the program from a link in the link section of this site.

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