Altman Z-score

The details, which will be used for the calculation of the Altman Z-score, can be entered in below.

Company type

Please select the type of company for which the Altman Z-score has to be calculated. Different types of companies have different calculations.

Calculation details

The data which is needed to calculate the Altman Z-score can be entered below.

Book value of total liabilities

Total assets

Market value


Retained earnings

Working capital


Calculation factors

The Altman Z-score is calculated using a weighting of the different factors. These weightings can be entered below for use in the Altman Z-score calculation.

Factor working capital / assets

Factor retained earnings / assets

Factor profit / assets

Factor market value / total debts

Factor turnover / assets

Factor assets / liabilities

Additional parameters

In some versions of the formula of the Altman Z-Score, at the end of the calculation a standard value is added or subtracted. This default value increases or decreases the result of the Altman Z-score, so that the limits don't have to be adjusted.

Default value

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