Investment tools

As an investor, lots of different tools are available to make your day easier. Most of these tools cost a lot of money, but some quality tools will cost you nothing. The functionalities of these tools can differ from collecting daily quotes to supporting you in your technical analysis efforts. On this website, we cover different investment tools, and we will discuss on a regular basis different insights into these tools.

The first tools that we discuss are Stockbrowser and Stockvisor.

What is Stockvisor?

Stockvisor is free software, specially developed to perform technical analysis on stocks. Stock quotes can be imported on a daily basis, after which a graph per stock can be selected. Different technical analysis are available to execute on the stocks. Besides the standard graph of the quotes over time, in which you can draw your own lines, the moving average is shown. Two types of moving average are shown in the graph, long and short term.

Configure Stockvisor

Stockvisor is a program with which technical analysis on stocks can be executed. Before these analysis can be executed, the stocks must be added to the program. When you use Stockvisor in combination with Stockbrowser, this should be a point of concern when creating the stocks in Stockvisor. This article is about Stockvisor, but the combination with Stockbrowser is taken into account.

Creation of download sources

To download share price information of different financial instruments with Stockbrowser, first all sources of where this information should come from must be specified.

First, determine which site offers good information. The more data is displayed on the site the more complete the data that is obtained with Stockbrowser. When performing technical analysis, the more complete the data, the better the analysis.

With the most complete information you can benefit as a technical analysis conducted on the data.

Import historical quotes

For making sound technical analysis, historical price data is essential. Therefore, Stockvisor has the possibility to load historical quotes.

Historical quotes can be obtained in different ways: there are many providers where historical quotes can be bought and you can yourself build a track record of historical quotes. On this website you can download historical quotes for free, companies in the Amsterdam AEX and AMX indices are available, among others. The quotes that can be downloaded on this website, do go back to the nineties of the last century.

Import daily quotes

There are several ways to import quotes in Stockvisor. The subject of this article is how to transfer the stock quotes from Stockbrowser to Stockvisor.


Daily quotes can be downloaded with Stockbrowser. These quotes can be exported in a chosen format. The next step is importing these files into Stockvisor.

Configure Stockbrowser

Stockbrowser is a program with which stock quotes can be downloaded on a daily basis. The quotes can be fetched from different websites, without the need of a subscription. The quotes are being read from the page and saved into the program. Before you can start downloading the quotes, you first need to 'tell' the program from which source the data must come.

What is Stockbrowser?

Stockbrowser is a free program which is useful for a private investor. The program is a few years old, but still does what it is made for, which is the tracking of stock quotes and creating overviews of different portfolios.

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